Install home gyms at home for your kids sport development and funny games in any time
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Unique sport equipment in UAE

Why Home gyms for kids is what you need?

Sport for kids 24 hours

Home gyms at home allow to have funny games and sports activities in any time. For body development install home gym for your kids

Beautiful and modern design

Need few space and suitable for any place. Usefulness and design is our home gyms main advantages

Proof quality

Made from 2mm steel our home gym have endless lifetime. We can easely move it from place to place and change equipment

What is Home Gyms for kids?

Home gym for kids is necessary for development of children. Being engaged in gym, kids develop not only physically, but also intellectually. Children in a game form develop sports skills and logical thinking.

How many benefit for health bring exercises on the gym for children! Kids train practically all groups of muscles, develop coordination of movements, increase endurance of an organism. Playing on home gym for kid strengthens mentality, children react to stressful situations better.

To avoid such diseases as scoliosis, platypodia, hypodynamia. Children, exercising on Home gyms from infancy develop a motility and coordination. 

product list

The home gyms for kids (indoor)

Carousel S42500 AED      2190 AED

Home gym for kids Carousel S4 is wall-mounted, attached to the original mobile clamps.
Need to be assembled on the wall.

2400 AED     2090 AED

Home gym for kids Olympus. Designed for kids 3+ years. In strut. Ladder, horizontal bar, rings, trapeze, rope, rope net are in the kit. Home gym made from steel.

Next 12200 AED      1790 AED

Home gym for kids Next 1. Designed for kids 3+ years. Wall-mounted. Ladder, horizontal bar, rings, trapeze, rope are in the kit. Home gym made from steel.

Carousel S3
2900 AED     2590 AED

Carousel S3 is wall-mounted. Swedish wall is a movable horizontal bar that can be moved vertically and fixed in the desired position.

Alice (toddler gym)2200 AED      1990 AED

Home gym for kids Alice. Designed for kids 1+ years. Located on the floor, 4 ladders, rings, swing, rope net, monkeys bar in the kit

1600 AED    1390 AED

Cliber is addition part to our Home gyms or kids. It is a rock climbing panel that is attached to any wall-mounted swedish wall. Sell separately.

Home gym description

Home gyms are made from steel tubes. Thickness of the walls is 2 mm, which is more than another for safety use. It usually contains big variety of equipment, such as horizontal bars, rings, rope, ladder and trapeze. Home gyms for kids assembled in two ways: instrut and wall-mounted


The Home gym kit





horizontal bar

Horizontal bar


gym mat

Gym mat for your Home Gym

We recomend to buy softplay gymnastic mat for safety reason. And put it under home gym.
It's also very useful sport equipment itself.

You're in safety - our Home gyms certified by Tuv Nord

Tuv Nord (more on
What is TUV Nord: "TÜV tested: At home and abroad, people associate this attribute with safety, reliability and quality. Our certifying body TÜV NORD CERT assesses and certifies the fulfillment of legal requirements and voluntary standards: With more than 1,200 experienced experts, our pool of auditors guarantees the highest level of competence in the certification of management systems, personnel and products."
Home gym Tuv Nord certificate

How to assemble home gyms

If ceiling height in your apartment not heiher than 3 m it is possible for you to choose model with thrust installation.
If you already have a soft ceiling, it is possible to set up Home gym only with fastening to a wall.
There are no strict requirements to a covering of a floor. It can be laminate, tile, parquet or board. Often customers are afraid that the models with thrust installation will spoil the floor and the ceiling. This problem is especially actual if the corner is put in the rental apartment. It is easy to avoid this trouble. For this purpose, it is necessary to enclose additional laying under a plastic or rubber fastenings, which are included into the package.

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The assembled home gyms in UAE

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